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Devji, the Ahir by tribe had a severe pain in the stomach… He consulted the village herbal doctor who gave him some herbal medicines to be taken for three days three times a day.

He tolerated the pain for two days with the hope that the herbal medicine may take some time to react. But the pain increased. He was unable to eat any food as when he ate something it came out through vomiting. This made him very weak. He could not stand the severe stomach pain and so he hired a Rikhsa and came to the town and consulted the famous doctor where most of his people used to go…

It was very difficult for him to sit on the desk and there was no space for him to sleep on the desk. There were several patients in waiting. So he lay down on the floor and his brother went to write his name in the long list. He requested to the girl on the reception if his brother’s case would be taken as an emergency one as he could not tolerate the severe pain.

The girl immediately stood up and saw the patient lying on the floor. He called the main attendant who arranged to admit Devji in the general room. The nurse came and took his B.P.  The nurse took his temperature and the doctor came and checked his stomach. He asked his assistant to take an immediate x-ray of patient’s stomach and forward to him as soon as possible. Devji continued sighing as the pain was constant and unbearable.

The doctor asked the nurse to arrange an immediate glucose bottle for the patient and he prescribed some medicine along with this to buy immediately from the chemist on the ground floor.

When the x-ray was ready, the doctor called Devji’s brother and advised him that as the Appendix ailment was in its last stage, the patient should be operated on immediately. If there was any delay the appendix would burst and infect the entire system and there was every chance that the patient would die.

He asked the brother to arrange about Rs. Ten thousand immediately to avoid further suffering on the patient’s side. The brother requested the doctor to allow him a week to look for such a big amount and he would leave Rs. Two thousand- all he had with him as a deposit. It was very difficult for him to arrange for the total sum at once as the family was very poor.

The doctor advised the brother to find some means of paying fee as he was unable to carry out the operation until it was paid. He further advised the brother to go home immediately and sell some cattle if he wanted to save his brother’s life. The most important thing was to save the patient

The disappointed brother pledged to the doctor very humbly, requested him to save his brother and assured him to pay his fees in the earliest time possible. But in vein.

The doctor was fixed on his decision and denied to listen to the request of the brother. There was a visitor who came to know the situation. He very kindly advised the brother to take Devji in the new Ayurvedic clinic where such cases were treated very effectively at a very little charge. And the doctor from the overseas was very generous and even would treat the patient free of charge on request.

The brother talked to the assistant and asked him to release Devji as he was unable to raise the money. He could take him to the Government Hospital or the Trust Hospital where he could meet the expenses. The assistant asked him to pay Rs. 800/-for the treatment done so far and released Devji.

And the patient was brought to my clinic as an emergency case. I heard the brother as the patient was unable to talk. He was extending his legs and complaining of his terrible stomach pain. He was crying… The patients in waiting symphasized with him and allowed him to be take him in immediately.

I checked his stomach and looked at the x-ray… The pain was severe but the condition of the Appendix was not as bad as shown by the doctor. It could be treated by Ayurved without any set-back. I had treated several cases of appendix very much worse than this particular case. So there was no reason why I could not cure Deva.

I assured the brother   that Deva would recover and it hat it might take some 21 days for the total cure. The brother requested me to save his brother and gave me Rs 1200/- all he had with him for the expenses. He assured me to bring money if required as soon as he could.

I gave him back his money and assured him that his brother would make a full recovery and the expenses would be not more than 500 Rupees.

I gave him two tablets of Agnitundi  to start with to serve as the pain killer and after ten minutes 4 tablets of Chitrakadi Vati.

After about 30 minutes the pain lessened and the patient was quiet. I gave him four tablets of Shankhvati tablets and asked the brother to take Devji at home. I prescribed Agnitundi-vati to be taken two tablets three times a day for two days only. I prescribed Shankvati to be taken four at a go three times a day and Chitrakadi Vati four at a go  three  times a day just before food.

  I advised him to take very simple food without any chili or oil. He should not be given any gaseous food. Or he could be given Mung soup for two days and the other simple food later on as he recovered. I asked the brother to ring me the second day to report the condition of Devji. I assured him of quick recovery.

And the next day not the brother but Devji rang to tell me of his better condition. There was a slight pain and he had already gone to the lavatory twice. I was happy to hear that. He rang me on the fifth day when he was able to move around freely. When he came to my clinic after a week, his face was bright with nearly no pain in his stomach.

I advised him on the doses of medicine accordingly and by the end of the 2nd week, he seemed to be totally alright as if nothing had happened to him. I was happy to see that. Both the brothers were very happy with my treatment and thanked me a lot. The total cost of the medicine came around Rs. 500/- and that was it.

Now the brother and Devji went to the previous doctor and showed the good condition of Devji who was cured with only Rs.500/- whereas the doctor had asked the lump sum of Rs.10000/- and a threat of Devji’s death if he was not operated on soon.

Devji could not control himself and slapped and accused the doctor in the presence of his patients and left the hospital without any further argument.

Later on the Doctor rang to me about the mis-behavior of Devji and warned me not to treat his patients so cheaply in future.

After all I was a doctor and I had taken oath to treat any patient within my capacity without any prejudice even if he was my enemy.  I told the doctor about this and asked him not to ring me in future about such cases. Instead he should give more attention towards his patients and try to be fair and generous towards poor clans. He should not be greedy at all events and particularly never in such cases.




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