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Although I did not treat infants in my Clinic, I used to take some challenging cases where I was confident of curing. I started mostly all the cases with the mental prayer and God guided me.

A young woman entered my clinic with an infant in her arms and started complaining about her sick child. The child looked like an infant of about nine months but in reality he was 18 months of age.

She disclosed that since the age of one year her child was sick and apart from taking treatment from two doctors, he had not grown. She was a poor woman and couldn’t afford the expensive treatment of the specialists. She even could not work due to the child’s sickness.

She approached me in good hope. She asked if I would do something for her child and she would pray for me and also bless me from the bottom of her heart. And she wept in the presence of several patients.

I calmed her down and assured her that everything would be alright. God would ensure that all would become good in the end.

I checked the child, his chest, his pulses, his tongue and his eyes which were red. His tongue was dry. His body was hot.

He was not only suffering from hyper acidity but he had worms in his stomach. Both the ailments did not allow him to grow. When asked, the mother told me that whenever she gave him a warm bath, he cried loudly but cold bath made him peaceful. He drank water several times a day.

I prescribed her with the known Balchaturbhuj syrup to be taken six drops on the tongue four times a day. Mandur Vati tablet (½) three times a day. And Sansam Vati no 2 for children, one tablets three times a day with honey.

I also prescribed him with the Khakhrabindu eye drops to be inserted two drops four times a day.

And lastly, I prescribed him with ½ tablet of Krumikuthar Rasa tablets, once a day at night time.

I advised the mother to massage the child mildly with baby oil, twice a day, I asked her to buy the medicines for 15 days and report to me. The child was supposed to take hot potch and milk and sweet fruit juices only.

The mother started my course with full confidence and when she came back to my clinic after 15 day’s she was happy as her child had already changed. This change could be seen in the colour of his eyes and in his entire body. He also appeared to have an appetite. The child could balance himself on the ground whilst standing.

I gave the course of another ten days now without the tablet for worms as I thought 15 days for the worms to die was more than enough. Eye drops twice a day.

After ten days, I could see the mother with the finger of child walking like a newcomer into my clinic. He had increased two kilos and looked in much better condition.

Again the course of ten more days this time with the half doses of the tablets and Balchaturbhadra, three times a day.

And I could see a tremendous progress in the growth of the child. And I advised the mother to continue with Balchaturbhdra syrup for one more year and to take krumi kuthar Rasa one tablet for worms every month for four days only.

The mother could go to work if there was somebody to look after the child.

And when the mother brought the child in my clinic after a year, it was very difficult to recognize him-a healthy and strong child with a charming smile on his face.

The mother blessed me. I thanked God who for providing the correct cause. For I was only the media through which God cured the child.




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