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A Case of a Severe Bleeding.

Dr. Patel, the welknown doctor around rang me at 12 noon some five years ago. His wife who was the mid wife in the nearby hospital had a severe problem of bleeding since last five days.

          He had tried his level best to control bleeding but it did not come under total control. It stopped for an hour or so at events and it started again in spite of her being under treatment.

          He decided to admit her in the nearby hospital but he was told of such cases being treated easily in my Ayurvedic clinic and he thought of taking my advice and if possible my treatment.

          I asked him the details of the case and he agreed to bring his wife to my clinic within next hour.

          The doctor’s wife seemed to be very weak due to constant bleeding. She could hardly walk properly on herself as the doctor helped her.

          I checked her pulses and B.P to the surprise of the doctor and found B.P. at 80-40 and pulse 110. The doctor had already checked the pulses and B. P a day before when he found it to be alright.

          I was not supposed to go into further details as the husband was himself a doctor with a vast experience.

          I prescribed her with the following Ayurved medicines and assured the bleeding to be stopped within 24 hours.

          Shroniagal Rasa tablets 2 tablets six times a day with milk.

          Ashokarist syrup two table spoons every three hours with jethi madh tablets two at a time.

          I asked her to sleep with head lower than the legs by putting a pillow under the legs.

          I also advised her to rub a piece of ice around the womb nearly five times a day.

          And Makardhwaj Vati tablets to be taken 1-1-1 with salty water to normalise the B.P.

          She should be given only rice with milk and sugar for two days.

          I prescribed the medicine for three days only to the surprise of the doctor. At least he did not expect his wife to be alright within three days.

          But he had trust in my treatment.

          Not after three days but within 48 hours the bleeding stopped. Next three days the wife could walk herself to my clinic.

          She was alright but I could see her face very pale, showing the deficiency of Hb due to an excess of bleeding for several days. I advised her to have the Hb report and add blood accordingly. I rang to Dr. Patel about it who was very happy with my emergency treatment.



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