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Un Married means Short-Life.



Men or women who prefer to stay single are at risk of shortening their life span. Not only that, but unmarried adults are more prone to various diseases. It is bad for the health in general to stay unmarried for long. Sex is considered to be the tonic of life but sex carried out without being married is termed to be adultery. And adultery in religious terms is reckoned as a sin.

A general survey by the University of Germany found that single adults were 65 percent more likely to suffer earlier death than those who were married. This was the result of studies over a decade, involving thousands of unmarried persons in various countries around the globe. All sorts of people were approached by the experts.

Single adults have weaker immunesary system power than married people. Even their mental strength was found to be lower. Further studies on adult widows showed that the percentage was 20% less than for single adults.

On the other hand all those divorced or separated had a 30% greater chance of early death than married couples. This is the resulted research done by the students of the California University.

The New Jersey Family Health Survey of about more than 2000 adults found that marriage helped men to be more “health proactive practicing  good health habits such as seeing their doctors when necessary and having regular medical checkups.

Married life especially for males has a huge benefit on health. Indeed, it was found to be more helpful to man than women. Perhaps this might be because women were more concerned about the health of their male partners.

Marriage is all about mutual care. The single adult is not careful about his or her health, as she or he has no one to show concern or to advise when necessary…A single person would not be able to take care of his or health as and where required just because he or she is alone. Under the circumstances single persons would overlook certain deficits in life and would not bother much about the minor issues. The situation would be quite different with the married persons.

Another survey shows that  single women are better looking after themselves and their health than single men, and so  single women tend to survive for longer than  single men but  surely not as long as  married women. Un-married persons do have the urge of sex but they satisfy their urge by means of masturbation, homo-sexual affair and mostly through adultery. None of these devices are proper and surely not good for health.

In general marriage is the prescription for lengthy life span. Love is the tonic for good health. Regular sex with the same partner is healthier too. Married life is a willing and longing factor to live long.

Celibates face certain problems now and then. If they have no control over their food and life style there are all chances of a certain urge of sex that leads to bad habits including adultery.

One should never try to avoid a married life unless compelled to do so.


© H. V. Kerai


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