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Removing the hairs around sexual organs is harmful

This will surely sound not good to all those men and women who try to remove total hairs from the parts around their sexual organs.

Many of us think it to be not good to have hairs around there. We try to remove them by all means possible- perhaps with razor, scissor, and shaving machine, hair-removal lotion like VEET or by giving heat. We think that by doing so we are maintaining cleanliness of our organs and the area around. We think that by doing so we make our sexual game better and easier. Whichever way we may think but it is not good but harmful.

Using some soap for the removal of hair has some side effects as the soap purchased as such advertisement is no good for the skin. It provokes certain types of skin diseases. Itching is usually there. Even the person does not feel comfortable when his or her sexual organ parts are barren without hairs. Specially a woman does not enjoy sexual intercourse with removed hair as she would enjoy with hairs on. She prefers rubbing with hairs on.

The persons, who use certain types of useful medical soaps to remove the hairs, sometimes find ulcers on the parts concerned. The itching and irritation emerged at the place of removal hair sometimes spreads further to several parts of the body or sometimes the entire body.

The skin after the removal of hairs becomes senseless that the bacteria of sense within die making the skin rough, tough and senseless.

Some persons use the tools of others to remove the hair which is very harmful. If the razor used by another person is used, there are all chances of severe infection to the extent of pus at the infection place. It seems as if one suffers from one of the several venereal diseases by doing so.

The hairs around the sexual organs are natural and they are there for a special purpose. That is why such hairs grow only during the puberty or the matured age of the person.  Some hormones changes in the growing person follow.

Hairs play an important role to guard and protect the sexual organs. By removal of the hairs, the barren part affects the other partner during the sexual intercourse and it affects a woman more.

Mostly all those people who always stay bare-hair around the sexual organs are seen to be with less sexual vigour.

The hairs as such are natural. If grown very lengthy, they should be properly cut with a scissor and not a razor or hair-removal soap. The hairs should be kept always clean and should be taken care of.

By the removal of the hairs around sexual organs, both the persons find it not very comfortable while moving their hands or rubbing around the organs as the part is or only rough but itching.

The professional call girls maintain their private parts hair to a very smooth standard and a man enjoys rubbing his hand over the silky hair while playing around the sexual parts of the girl… Some of them also use a special cream or lotion to make hairs smoother…

However it is not advisable to remove the hairs with razor or any type soap. If one can manage to maintain the hairs around the sexual parts it is well and good for both the partners but it needs continues cleanliness. Trimming is advisable.




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