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Obesity Dilemma


Great Britain has been seriously affected by obesity. It seems to be completely out of control, although the Government is doing its best to manage it. The new Ministry of Fitness is charged with the enormous task of controlling obesity. About 25% of the British population is clinically obese and if the new Ministry of Fitness is not extremely progressive in its mammoth task, it is expected that up to 15 million British people will be clinically obese within five years.

The main cause of this increasing health hazard is mainly due to over-consumption of junk food. Millions of pounds worth of anti-obesity drugs are taken every year and thousands of affected people are controlling or removing their excess fat by surgery, but still the rate of obesity does not seem to come down.

Britain as a whole needs to go on a proper diet. The new Ministry should do everything possible to control the excessive consumption of junk food and if it fails to do so, it is of no use.

Recent statistics show that the national tendency to put on weight has now escalated to life threatening proportions. There are more overweight people in Britain than malnourished ones and Britain is considered to be the second most obese nation in the world after America.  It seems that America is the base of obesity and Britain is the proliferator.

There is an obesity epidemic in Great Britain. Thousands of fat people die prematurely as obesity is often the underlying cause of ailments like asthma, hypertension, diabetes, heart problems and some kidney problems which, if not diagnosed promptly, become very serious and inevitably lead to death.

The UK Government is rightly concerned and, in an effort to tackle the problem, has set up a Ministry of Fitness to deal with it.

Obesity is not entirely due to a diet of junk food. There are people who eat plenty of junk and high calorie food and are not fat. These people are active, walking regularly and exercising to burn off the excess calorie intake.

But there are many more people who eat too much and do nothing of the sort. Leading sedentary lives, they never take up manual work. Neither do they burn off their extra calories by doing any domestic chores. They use machines to handle the washing and cleaning and never think about gardening or walking to work. They sit down wherever possible – in cars, buses and trains, rather than cycle, or enjoy the walk.

They sit for hours in front of the television and use the remote control to avoid getting up. They even take their vehicles to the carwash and sit in the driver’s seat while a machine does the cleaning. So where is the manual work… the physical effort? But they eat fatty, sugary foods without ever considering the ways and means of digesting it properly. When they are consuming high calorie, salty food and fizzy drinks, they fail to consider the need to burn those extra calories off.

The new Ministry should encourage the Brits to eat food according to their activities. They should consider preparing diet charts to suit people according to their work and lifestyles.

Any person who eats more calories than they expend in terms of energy will certainly gain weight. And once the weight is there, diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma and even heart problems are much more likely to occur.

In the long run, British hospitals will never be free from treating patients with obesity and its by-products.




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