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I married to Harish at my age of 17. Shortly after I found out that I was pregnant. It was quite in order and I literally glowed through out the pregnancy period up until seven months. It was a pleasure to move with a swollen stomach and to be a mother in the first year of my marriage. There were very few couples that became parents in the first year of their marriage. Most of the newly married couple avoid becoming parents in the first two years of their marriage.

In the beginning of the eighth month, I wet myself in bed thrice dreaming as if I were on the toilet… In the meantime, I suffered from constipation and thrush. I had no idea what it was and I was a bit worried about this sudden change in my body.

I went into a labour nearly ten days late and through the delivery I continued concentrating hard on pushing, dealing with the pain and maintaining smooth breathing. However, in the middle of the labour I had an accident. And this time I did just wet myself. It took me totally by surprise and I was mortified.

The midwife cleaned me up and shortly afterwards Lalita my lovely daughter was born. She was in good health and Harish and I were thrilled with joy. We were the proud parents of a lovely girl, the gender of my choice. We both had prayed for a girl as our first child and God had heard our prayers.

For a long time we did not dare to have sexual relation just because of my flabby stomach, broadened uterus and milking child. But within a year our routine sexual involvement returned to normal. And once more I became pregnant. This time I was not supposed to worry as I had already experienced the labour pains and other intolerances.

Now I was an experienced woman.




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