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Life after Death


All our physical aspects of the body are bonded with the mighty soul by a special chord. Otherwise SOUL is entirely independent from our body as such. When we talk of ourselves, we mean our whole body and the soul within. Soul is the true life and the physical aspects without life within are of no use and the body as such is declared to be dead.

Soul at many events works independent on its own out of our body. But our body or any physical part of our body can never work in the absence of our soul that is the true life.

Our body is mortal whereas our Soul is immortal. Our body is the horse of the Soul and it moves as per driven by the SOUL. Soul minus body can work on it in the Astral World but the body minus soul can never work in this world. Body without soul is said to be dead and termed as corpse. Soul is the LIFE and body is the plate form for the soul to act. Consequently, soul is the most important media of life.

During our sleeping hours at many events our SOUL leaves our body aside and enters the DREAM WORLD where it uses the Astral body on the temporary bases. The soul after moving around in the dream sequence comes back in our body and we are awake just because the soul, which left our body for time being, had not disconnected the special chord with the body. It had gone out surely to return back. If it does not turn up we would be unable to wake up and in the short time we would be declared dead.

But during our death, that special chord is snapped off and the soul leaves our body forever never to come back. Our body is totally separated and disconnected with the SOUL and becomes life-less and declared dead.

The soul stays in the ASTRAL atmosphere by using the ETHERIC DOUBLE, which IS provided for the time of about 36 hours. The soul using the special body provided stays around the places of his or her attachment and prepares for the further journey. The soul as such is around its dead body until the time the body is buried or burnt. It is advisable to burn the body at the earliest to avoid inconveniences on the side of the soul. Otherwise there are all chances of the soul to try to enter the physical aspects after seeing the relatives very un-happy of her death. It is advisable not to weep or cry over the dead body for her or his good. Weeping or crying over the dead tempts the soul to the dead body and the process interferes the further journey of the soul in the other world.

The dead person, now the SOUL without the earthly physical aspects, loses all his contacts with his relatives and friends. But he is very much able to perceive them. He can very clearly see his house, his village, and all other worldly items through a special vision. He can even hear people talking about his death and the other things. But he has totally lost the communication cord with them. No one on the earth can hear him or see him and hence he seems to be very much disturbed and annoyed. It is totally one sided and very complicate. He comes under the very confused situation but there is nothing he could do about it. He can see and witness some of his relatives or friends being knocked by the vehicle but he regrets he could not warn or save them. He can visualize all the activities being carried out after his said death but is totally unable to participate or to disturb them.

The Astral Plane consists of seven sub-planes. The soul of the dead person has to under-go all those planes according to his nature and deeds. He has to undergo the atmosphere as per his KARMAS of the previous life. He is accountable to the section of Theory of Karma in the final stage.

As days and the time pass, he pays very little attention to the lower matter and keeps himself occupied with the higher matter of which thought forms are built. He endeavors to survive and proceed further in the said plane.

The duration of the SOUL’S stay in the Astral World depends upon his nature and renderance of his past life and his present attitude of the developing mind. The entire Astral Plane is a constant and steady process of the withdrawal by the EGO into himself and in the course of time, he leaves the Astral Body, similar way he left the physical body and finally enters the much higher and fuller life of the HEAVEN WORLD.

The state after death is generally happier than the life upon earth just because of the fact that the Astral body is always free from hunger, thirst, weather effect and is far from any type of ailments.

One requires no vehicle to travel even at long distances. Thousands of miles are covered within the wink of an eye just through the thought power. We just think of the place of our destination and we are there within no time. We think of the item of our choice and at the next moment it is with us. Everything on that plane works as per our Thought Power. If only we could see the live documentary of the journey and the activities of the SOUL, we would consider the soul as the MAGICIAN or the SUPERMAN and we would be confused as such.

There is no barrier of any matter in the Astral world and the world after. The soul concerned faces no barriers of partitions and ceilings. It passes all the barriers as per its wish. He could very easily penetrate through the heavy steel or concrete structures without any resistant. He could as well penetrate through the huge mountains instead of climbing on the top.

Death in general is considered, as in-auspicious and so weeping is very common. Our human nature is very emotional and very weak that we even cry and weep when one of our beloved goes overseas or far from us for long time. We are unable to face separation of our beloved member although we very well know that he or she will surely come back and join us sooner or later. It is very common when we depart from our beloved daughter during her wedding.

During the death we are aware that the person with our attachment will never come back. We have lost him or her forever and weeping at that time is natural. We demonstrate sadness and grievances at full heights. But it is of no use. It does not help at all to the dead or us. We are totally unable to change the circumstances.

We should put aside our exhibition of a mere sorrow after the dead and try to pray for them and to perform religious ceremonies in their benefits. It would surely help the soul in its journey in the other world. Mostly all Holy Scriptures advise so and sincere followers do it.

Weeping at the scene of the death is always harmful for the concerned soul who prepares his new prospectus in the New World. It will weaken his thoughts as he will be around us for few days and he will be able to see us weeping and crying around. He might be emotional and endeavor to come back which is impossible and all his Astral activities might come to a standstill and he would be in great trouble.

His progress in the other world might see the setback and there are all chances of him taking the body of a certain relative and come as the ghost or the haunting spirit, which is never good for him or even the relative.

A person with the bad records or doing evil works during physical life is said to be penalized in the plane of Hell. Nothing is good for him or her. He never gets peace on the Astral plane as all the special facilities provided to the normal souls are far from him. Progress is not possible for such a soul. He tries to borrow the fruits of some good deeds from his forefathers staying in the PITRU-LOK if at all they agree to give him.

If his family members on the earth carry out some good works or donate or perform religious ceremonies especially for him, he might deposit the deeds in his account of Karma and he might be relieved at some extent from further severe inconveniences.

A person creating suicide in any manner and under all circumstances has no PLANE for him in the Astral world. He would never be admitted in the Astral world as Suicide is considered as the breach of contract of the life with the Destiny.

The time and circumstances of Death are decided by the Karma of Fate and there would be never any addition or subtraction in the destined time of the death of the particular person. A soul is awarded with the certain type of physical aspects for a particular agreed time and he or she has to stay accordingly on this earth and do everything possibly good for the promotion of the SOUL. If he or she is unable to face the hardness and toughness of the life given, he or she commits suicide thinking of bringing an end of all agonies and problems. But it is not what is there in the agreement.

So if the soul goes in the Astral plane anytime before the destined time, it would not be allowed to enter the gates of the Astral world. It could neither return on earth as the physical aspects given are already destroyed and the body and him or herself is declared dead.

Such a SOUL stays as the Haunting SPIRIT in the GHOST WORLD where there are thousands others like him awaiting the time of their maturity of the DESTINED DEATH. The soul in this state faces several difficulties to achieve promotion. His condition is perhaps worse than what it was before creating suicide. He very much regrets his committing suicide, as he has none of the facilities in the world of ghosts.

He haunts the places of past, tries to disturb the atmosphere he had left. He even tries to revenge the person who had provoked and compelled him to commit suicide. He has his own means of creating in-conveniences and calamities for the people he had grudges.

Sometimes he gets chance to get hold of the body of somebody of his attachment by watching and using the chord-word of the concerned person. He gets hold of the body when the soul has gone to some places during the dream sequence. Once known the code word of the particular soul of the particular person, he would enter the body at several events and disturb the atmosphere. He would like to talk to his relatives through that particular person and if everything goes well he would request or force the relative concerned to perform some religious ceremonies after him or to donate certain items to the certain places in his name.

If his relatives are good and wishing him to relieve him from the HAUNTING SPIRIT WORLD- they would carry out everything possible for him. He would be relieved from the Ghost World and would be given the entry in the Astral world among the other standard SOULS Otherwise he has no choice but to endure the remaining time of his maturity with the haunting spirit which is worse than the actual HELL.

Considering this state as the truth of the Life, people under tense circumstances never think of committing suicide as they very well know that creating suicide under whatever evil circumstances, does not relieve them from the problems but take them in the world which is thousands time worse than what they were undergoing. Suicide, such is considered to be SIN as per Hindu Holy Scriptures. Mostly all the people committing suicide have to stay in the world of ghosts to the time of their destined time of death. It is surely the great set back for the soul concerned.

Those who have been successful to gain ASTRAL Knowledge by some means possible can communicate with the Astral Souls or even the Haunting Spirits. They could even talk with them. Many dedicated Saints and Prophets have proved to have such a sight and powers to talk with the souls. We have heard the people talking with the dead and there are people who could call the particular spirit to their time if the need arises.

When a person dies with lot of his desires not fulfilled, it would be difficult for his soul to settle in Astral plane and achieve progress. He would at times shirk away from the Astral Atmosphere and visit the places of his desire and bother the persons of his attachment until his soul is satisfied by his relatives through special religious ceremonies.

There is a special custom in the Hindu Faith that the relatives present on the death bed of the person would ask him his last wishes and the dying person would without any hesitation ask for the particular types of religious ceremonies and donations to be done after him in his name. The relatives will try to fulfil the last desires of the dying person by all means regardless of the expenses.

Most of the followers of Hinduism arrange to read Holy Scriptures for the benefits of the dead person. A reasonably possible charity is done in his name. Prayers are arranged in mass. Relatives, small children and poor are fed for the benefits of the concerned soul.

Brahmins perform certain special ceremonies in the first month of the expiry of the person. A good amount of donation is given to the family of Brahmin. Even the girls of the family are fed and given some donations to ease the journey of the soul.

Every year SHRADH ceremonies are carried out in the name of the deceased. It is a firm belief that whatever done in the name and for the SOUL concerned would be very much helpful to the soul in the Astral world for the smooth and peaceful journey. Certainly the last words and wishes of the dying persons are fulfilled in all sectors by all means.

Death in reality is not the end of life. Death, in simple words is the device of changing the physical body of the SOUL within to the Astral body. As we put on the clothes and change them as per requirements-SOUL changes the body as per required which we term as DEATH. It is at most of the time the promotion of the soul reaching to the higher prospectus.

Although we see a whole person missing from us through death, actually he does not. It is just the body and the atmosphere he is changing but he is very much around us. It is only that he seems to be out of our vision just because we have no appropriate sight to see him moving around.

SOUL is the tenant of the body for a certain agreed time. It vacates the body-house as soon as the time of agreed period expires and looks for another special body as the residence.

After passing the destined period in the various planes, the SOUL is brought to the court of DHARAMRAJA who is the CHIEF JUDGE of the Theory of Karma. The Auditor of the Almighty Lord would produce his audited accounts of the SOUL in the court and Dhramraja would pass his judgement accordingly. His judgement would mainly depend upon the account of Amassed Karma finally prepared by CHITRAGUPTA.

The SOUL gets ready to be born on Earth once more according to his KARMAS but surely in the better atmosphere and higher prospectus if he has not any criminal records in his file.

The time, place and the circumstances of his new BIRTH are given to him by the department of DESTINY. He is escorted by the soldiers of DHARAMRAJA to the womb of his future and is given a special cord to enter the womb where he has to undergo heavy Penance for few months in the womb of the mother before he is free to enter the world of his new life with new parents and relatives.

He was previously in the similar atmosphere and most of the people around him had been around him even in the previous life but he has lost his past memory immediately coming out of the womb of the mother who was perhaps his sister, daughter, aunt, wife or some other relation in the previous life. He might be given the physical aspects of a male or a female accordingly. He has no choice at all of his gender, parenthood, place, circumstances and age-line.

The newly born infant comes with certain talents and habits of his previous life as we see in to day’s world several children being experts in particular items from the very young age. Some arrive to the knowledge beyond the expectation of the parents. SOME ARE BORN VERY BRIGHT and render the knowledge beyond their age. Some are born as writers or poets and they start writing very fluent stories and poems from the very young age. Some grow as technical experts. All of them use their past knowledge to a certain extent. Some have their certain types of habits from the cradle hood.

There are also some cases of the children born with the knowledge of their previous birth. They could remember their place and parents of their previous lives to the astonishment of many. Some born in India at present talk of their birth in some western country and if taken to the place of their talk one is surprised to see the truth.

There had been cases of the American Children talking of having their past life in India in the particular village and in the particular family. When they are taken to the place of their discussion one is very much surprised to see the way they recognize the places of their concern of the previous life. They even reckon the old people of their era including their relatives if they were alive. Otherwise their stories told to the elders of the area are very much confirmed as facts and everything what they had said in America comes as the truth in the remote village of India. It would be a very complicate and surprising event for the people who never believe in LIFE AFTER OR BEFORE DEATH.

At most events except in very few cases, we promote ourselves to the higher prospectus by passing through the channel of DEATH. If one were previously born in the very lower class or primitive family, his next life would be surely better one with better prospectus. One thing is sure that from the life of the human being one hardly goes back to the animal life. Hindu Shastras talk of certain events where even the Adepts like BHARAT had to be born as the animal because of his attachment towards the particular animal.

But Theosophists do not agree with the devaluation as such. They talk of promotion in every birth. According to them the cycle of Birth and Death is like the School. Every year the child goes in the advance class and is promoted at times. At events he has to repeat in the same class but it is very rare to find him to send him back to the lower class.

Our servant in our house is one step behind us in the life cycle but surely he was with us in one or the other image in our previous life. Our brother or sister or uncle or aunt of this life had been our relatives of the previous lives with some different relation. Some one who wanted to revenge us in the previous life but could not do it for some reasons would be there as our number one enemy to fulfil their desire of the past. Enmity between the blood relations is part and parcel of the destiny as such.

Thus Life after Death is always interesting and not to be regretted only if we have not misused it or if we have not played the negative role when we were supposed to play the positive role to get better prospectus in the next life.

There are some people who talk of this life to be the last one to achieve ultimate stage of Salvation. There are some religious leaders and the saints who talk of getting Salvation through the donations and certain types of religious celebrations. But in reality it may not be the truth as Salvation is not so easy to achieve. It needs lots of efforts, good deeds, a long time pure life far from earthly attachments and a readiness to invest more time in the work of God as per His commands. Seeking true blessings from Almighty Lord through good deeds- may help to achieve short-cut to Salvation.

Performing Holy Fire Yagnas or going for Holy Pilgrimage or donating certain amount or items in the Temples are surely  NOT  the sure  gateways to salvation as said by saints and the religious leaders. The long timed and long distant pilimigrage need not be the entry to the kingdom of Salvation as mentioned by the religious writers.

No doubt any good work done would surely help the person to have better prospectus and to reduce his sins but it is very difficult or to say the truth not possible to make this his final life.

We shall have to take another birth or some more births for the ultimate Salvation even if we are on good track of good deeds. There is no guarantee for the Saints, Bishops, Prophets, Mahatamas or the Acharyas to have no more births, as the final decision would be taken from the Amassed Karmas accounts of their several births.

Although human life is meant to achieve Salvation [Mokhsha], it may not be possible in one life. Thus life circle moves on and the MIGHTY SOUL keeps on changing the physical aspects as and where required. One thing is sure that what we are at present is the result of our deeds of our immediate past life. What we shall be in our next life will entire depend upon our deeds of the present life. There was a life before and surely the Life After our Death. But surely not the end of our evolution.

The cycle of birth and death continues till we are qualified for the ultimate goal to the salvation.

Thus death is not the end of life but it is the channel to enter a new life with new prospectus.




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