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“I take too much reading as I give several lectures a month…” I travel a lot as I have to go to several far distance centres in Calcutta, New Delhi, Bombay or Bangalore. Mostly I travel by air as it is not only time – saving but good for my mind… I over-work as I have lot to do and I have no such assistant to do my extra work… I don’t take enough sleep at night as most of my thought –power of affected work is encouraged at late hours of night… But while doing all these, I never work under tension… I am hardly found worrying. I am mostly not affected by depression.

And I was clean bowled by the heavy stroke of VERTIGO just because I was doing everything in its favour except worries and tension… When my physician asked me several questions of my habit and gave the above causes of VERTIGO, all my answers were affirmative except the last one on tension and worries.

I being the Ayurvedic physician have myself treated several cases of VERTIGO and I was very much aware of the causes of the disease. I have never thought of such a naughty ailment to strike me all at suddenly.

My food is very simple… I never take oily foods or sugary foods. I eat twice a day, a very simple food. I drink only ‘Diet Coke’. I take regular medicines for my ailments. I do walk enough twice a day. I also do yoga once a day regularly. I wake up early in the morning. I never eat outside foods. I drink only aqua-guard filtered water at home or mineral water while on tour.

I am a doctor of an Ayurvedic and Naturopathic. I advise people around to do so and not to do so for a healthy living. How can a self-controlled doctor of my calibre fall sick! And that with a disease like VERTIGO?

The news of my sudden sickness spread around. Everyone was surprised to hear this news,

“Doctor Kerai admitted in a hospital! Oh no….”

The physician took over my case as a special case and I was admitted in an ICU room. I was totally conscious and aware of my condition…

The doctor took cardiograms, took my blood for diabetes, and measured my B.P. and temperature… Everything seemed to be normal… I was even talking properly. I explained to the doctor that it is not a heart attack as there is not a little pain in my chest. I had no perspiration and not even trembling of the left arm. My heart beats were normal. So were the pulses. Then what had happened?

I slept well in the afternoon. When I woke up and tried to get up, I saw the ceiling moving around the fan. I saw the flour trembling. I could see my wife surrounded with cloud. I felt extreme dizziness. And I vomited awfully. Second vomit was terrible. Lot of mixture poured out whereas I had taken two numbers biscuits with a glass of cold goat milk… I thought perhaps it was the goat milk which had some problem. I had not taken anything since 9 a.m. when I had the two slice of backed wheat bread with boiled mung with a glass-full of milk.

Third vomit was really fearful. I saw my death in front of me. I prepared myself to meet the end but not in such a great pain… I prayed to my almighty Lord Swaminarayan and He was there… I requested him to take me peacefully if at all that was my destined end and if HE was ready to escort me to HIS abode. I was already released of the worldly affairs as such… I was free from all worries. My wife would be alright in my absence… I had already arranged for her need very perfectly even if her children ignored her in the later stage. They would not, I was sure, but only if it happened so.  I had full confidence in both of my sons who stayed in London.

My residential house belonged to her. I had enough balance in her name and a good valued farm. I had spent enough in the name of my God… Enough donations in Swaminayan Religion, Education and for the needy people… I was getting a good royalty from my publications. I had advised my wife to use that royalty to help needy children… All my children were well established and quite social. My wife would be alright with them.

But my God did not agree to take me with HIM. I had still lot to do for HIM. I had promised to do several things for HIM and for HIS religion that were not yet completed. I should complete HIS Mission. He was there to relieve me from pain, and to encourage me for the future. My life line was still pending, I concluded after conversing with my Almighty Lord.

And my good neighbours and my wife agreed me to be admitted in the hospital and there I was in Mahavir Hospital.

My ailment was diagnosed as VERTIGO, and I was put under the treatment for the same. It was terrific but God had relieved my pain and the very well experienced my good friend, Dr. Zota, the physician gave me very good treatment. I was in safe hands.

Hospital became too busy with visitors rushing to see Dr. Kerai, the popular and darling of thousands. I came to realise my popularity and how people felt for me. So many relatives from Nagalpar, my Yogeswarnagar Society, friends from everywhere, well-wishers from the Anjar town assembled to see me. My relatives and well wishers from Kanbi Patel villages were there in big numbers. People from surrounding villages and towns were seen… Everyone, hundred of number wished me good and quick recovery. Everyone was amazed to see me on hospital bed. A doctor curing several of them with little or no cost was on the patient bed himself. How could a person of my calibre be sick?

And what was my sickness…… In reality it was very difficult for the common person to understand VERTIGO. What was it and why with me WHEN I was on a perfect diet and regular exercise?

Fourth day, I was released from the hospital and taken home where hundred of society people and my relatives had assembled to see myself coming back from the serious sickness.

I was advised to take enough rest. But how, When and where? People started coming to see me throughout… Telephones started ringing…Mobiles and landline. One of my neighboured relative attended the telephones. My wife attended the visitors. My cousin brother briefed about my sickness to some visitors outside…

All types of people started giving me all types of advices. “Do this and do not do this” became very common. “Forget worries. No more tension. Take things easier” was the common tone… But what was my worry? I had nothing to worry in my life at present…

And again why should a person of my status worry? My God had given me everything—much more than I needed or expected.

And if I leave my social, writing work and giving lectures, how was I going to pass my time? I needed something of interest to do in my leisure time to keep my mind active. I needed something of my choice to lead a happy life. Serving people or talking to people as a social reformer does not invite sickness? If at all I left everything and stay idle at home doing nothing, I would be sicker and for ever. I did not want it like that…I wanted myself to be occupied by social activities. I was a man of people and I meant it.

The good doctor advised me to reduce my activities but not to stop. He advised me not to over-work but work in limit. And there was I back to my activities. This time as per the advice form my physician.




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