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Frightening Nightmares


Sitaram had a problem of having frightening nightmares. He could not sleep with ease once he was awakened in the mid-night by the horrible nightmares. His young wife would condole him and tried to help him to get rid of the fear of the terror he had seen in the dream.

When he got out of bed he found his whole body itching and he found himself tired as if he had traveled a long distance by foot. Sometimes he had a severe headache, which bothered him throughout the day. He perspired now and then even during cool atmosphere. Sometimes he started trembling to the surprise of the people around.

The good natured wife Meera carried out some domestic treatments as per the advice of the old mother but it did not work. He also slept with the iron -piece under his pillow for several days as per instructions from one of the witch doctors who had also given him some magic water to get rid of the Devil, which was bothering him at night. He even tied the chanted threads in his hands as per advised by the Mullah of the famous DARGAH and his head was pampered by the peacock feathers more than three times.

He also walked for 12kms bare footed to the temple of a certain Deity, empty stomach but his problem was not yet sorted out to his satisfaction. All those orthodox treatments sometimes worked for few days and the problem started as usual again. Black magicians who even scarified young animals in the smoking Yagna even failed to cure him even at the high expenses.

Sitaram consulted his family Doctor and the famous Physician and did their course to their advice but the treatment did not work at all. He even visited the Neurologist who said there was nothing wrong with his brain but he still gave him some medicines to be taken at night. It had some side effects and Sitaram was found crying in the middle of the night with the severe headache. City Scan of the brain was taken but it did not show any deficits as such. He was given high-powered sedatives to enable him to sleep peacefully at night. But that did not work for long and it had some drastic side effects during the daytime.

Ultimately, he was brought to my clinic by a patient of mine who had once a similar problem, which was sorted out by me within few days.                        .                      Sitaram hardly 30 years of age, appeared as if he was sick for several years with his gloomy face and a weak body. His dull eyes and the pale skin revealed his weakness. It seemed as if he lacked Hb in his blood, in the first instance.

I heard his sad story and checked him as a new patient. I found his temperature to be high and the BP showing the lower side. He had lost the appetite and could hardly eat to his taste. His pulses were bit high and he was found tired even while talking of his problem. I went over the files and reports of various doctors including city scan which did not reveal any such ailments.

But he had the problem, that was sure. If all reports were normal and he was not feeling well, what could be the problem? His Hb was perfectly alright. I prayed the Lord to guide me in this complicated case and I had trust He would do it by any means.

I gave him the MEDICINE FOR low BP and the pulses and the tonic for four days and asked him to come back. I advised him to pray everyday twice with the faith in Lord. In the meantime I prayed hard for him and in my third prayer I got the guidance from the Divine sources that he had the problem in his digestion. He went to latrine twice a day but his intestine was not cleared. Moreover he had gastric and acidic problems, which congested the brain, and consequently he was having nightmares and the fear at night. Surely any high acidic patient would face such problems similar to his; I recollected from my knowledge.

When he came back, I took his temperature and the pulses, which were found normal. He had the problem of the gas and constipation which resulted in hyper acidity but he had never talked about it. The ailments as such would never be seen in the laboratory reports. No doctor had ever asked him about his stomach so far and he never thought of the stomach to be the cause of his fearful nightmares. He was even reluctant to believe me when I gave him the cause of his nightmares. But he had enough faith in the Lord and me and he took the course for the same.

Apart from the medicines I put him on the restricted diet. I advised his loving wife to take care of his food and the faithful wife agreed to do everything that could improve the health of her husband. She was really worried of her husband’s problem that had taken so long without any cure. So far a substantial amount was also spent.

Within three weeks his problem was sorted out and he never got nightmares or the fearful dreams then-on-wards. As his digestion came to normal, he started taking enough food and his weakness also was no more. He turned out to be a healthy and strong man with enough Faith in the Lord whom he thought had brought him to my clinic and who had guided me to treat him accordingly. I advised him to avoid gaseous foods and chilly, sour and oily items, which were the main causes of his ailments.

I was happy, my faith in my Lord had helped me to sort out the problem of SITARAM and I believe there IS no problem, which could not be sorted out by the faith in the Lord. FAITH is the medical term of healing and it is the part of the treatment.

A patient should have total faith in the Lord and also in the doctor treating him and in the medicines he is prescribed. If on the other side the DOCTOR could maintain Faith in Lord and his prescription, the treatment will surely work positively by all means.




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