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Mr. Karioki was very well known and successful businessman of Nairobi City with a fat bank balance. He was the beloved husband of a pretty and good-natured wife Mary. His both children were very clever in studies and well mannered with good record in school. They had all the virtues to become the social leaders of the future. They were proud to be the children of the loving and Christian minded father.

His office staff was very happy with his gentle and friendly nature and paid him a good respect and worked hard for him, without him ever shouting at them or warning them.

Mr. Karioki never lost temper and never got excited even during the tense circumstances. He managed a happy smile on his face even at the critical times and was hardly ever found under tension or worries. He never turned his face in the failures and never over acted during the success. He had trained himself to be always positive and had reserved confidence in Almighty Lord whom he prayed regularly and took HIS guidance as and when required.

Mr. Ben a friend of Karioki was also a businessman in NAIROBI, little known in the public and not very comfortable in his business. He was unable to maintain smooth relations with his wife and the children who were very dull in studies and with very few friends. The class teacher always complained of their mis-behaviour.

Most of his workers were not in good terms with him and the area Labor office summoned him and the Union people disturbed him now and then. He quarreled with his workers now and then on minor issues.

He could hardly think of peace in his life. He was under constant worries and tension of his failures and several issues growing from the minor problems. He lost his temper now and then in the minor short backs. His wife was a God fearing woman who used to attend regular SUNDAY Bible Classes in the nearby Christian Church. Mr. Ben never bothered to go to Church or to accompany his wife. He had hardly touched Bible or other religious scriptures. He had never accompanied his wife to the CHURCH or any other religious function on her several requests.

He had several friends who were always passing time in Clubs and Bars and who were more interested in the Cocktail parties. Church and religion was not of their taste although they were not against them. Ben passed his leisure time with such friends and hardly took his children and the wife out for a ride. He went with Karioki at times but never talked of his business and his problems with him.

As now his problems had increased and he could hardly sleep peacefully, he thought of talking his heart with Karioki and try to get his advice. He had a good respect for Karioki and he was even convinced to see him ever smiling and without any problem in his business or at home. He was envious of Karioki’s happy family life and a successful business. Surely Krioki, if approached rightly, could be very beneficial to him socially and in business.

High up the Kenyatta Conference Center on the 28th revolving floor, those two businessmen were having a cup of coffee with a serious conversation. The alluring view of the beautiful Nairobi City behaving like the sweet sixteen dame even could not draw their minds from their dialogue. The presence of the multi-colored people sipping the glass of beer with some biting and talking loudly did not dis-courage their talk. They were deep busy in their conversation not aware of the surroundings.

Ben very politely complained,

“ You see, Mr. Karioki…I have at present totally failed in business as I am unable to get good and honest staff. They are not working proper and provoking me now and then.

And on the other side my wayward children who were not serious in their studies, are bothering me like anything that I can hardly concentrate on business.

And my good looking but not co-operative wife who was not keen to accompany me in the club and the parties, is another severe headache for me. She was more interested in Church and Bible rather than moving around with me. She is interested only in Christian friends and ignores my friends whenever I invite them at home for a cup of coffee or snacks.”

Mr.Karioki, a very social and peaceful person listened to his friend Ben who was very much excited and annoyed by his staff, his children and above all his wife.

“See Mr. Ben…It is the way you think. Not all could be bad. Just try to change your way of dealing with them and see the results. Perhaps your behaviour with them is not right…If you are not fair with them, surely you can not expect them to be good to you, I mean your staff.

Your children…try to go deep in their day to day movements and be friendly with them. Take some time for them and sit with them and discuss about their studies and their school life. See what is their problem and try to sort out very amicably and you will surely find the changes in them soon…And your wife…you should be happy to find her religious minded. Religion is very essential in daily life for peace and prosperity and of course for success. I don’t see anything wrong her if she sides religion.”

Mr.Karioki very politely advised Mr. Ben who without giving any deep thought over his advice went further and complained further,

“ But Mr. Karioki, I am fed up with my present life where it is very difficult for me to have peace. I have tried to improve in my business but it was very difficult for me to come out with the required profit. It was also not easy for me to pay the bank installments and I am warned at times to regularize my accounts. I have also borrowed some money from my friends who were now pressing me to pay back soon…And my staff, instead of being helpful to me at this event, are going against me and threatening me to close the business if they are not looked after properly.

My wife seems to be more interested in her religion rather than my life. She tries to avoid my company and forces me to accompany her in the Church now and then. I just can not make it…you see…I just can’t…”

Now he had poured out his problems to Karioki who pondered for a while, gave the confidential smile, ordered another pot of coffee and looking around the various types of people busy in talking and drinking, he condoled Mr.Ben and assured everything to be alright with the grace of Almighty God.

Mr. Ben… be positive and take things easier…It is high time you should change your attitudes and the behaviour for your good…Be good with your children and they will be alright soon. Have a friendly meeting with your staff…Talk with them your present problems and just request them to be co-operative with you and help you out from the present critical situation. Assure them of your looking after them properly when your business turns out to be proper on life.

Have faith in the Almighty Lord…It is very important part of the life. Change your negative attitudes towards your religious minded wife. Just listen to her and co-operate with her on religious grounds. Just join Sunday Church and read Bible everyday to your capacity. Accompany your wife to the Church and other religious functions. You are surely lucky to have a Christian wife. You should try to benefit through her.”

And Mr. Ben seemed to be slanting on the positive side and looking being convinced by his friend who was not only the successful business-man but also a very loving father and the loving husband. He pondered seriously for while for the first time in the conversation and listened more sensitively to his helpful friend.

“ Listen my friend…You should reduce drinking as it is no good for health, social life and business. Just reduce it if at all you are unable to stop it… Instead have some good time at home with your family. You should from the immediate effect leave the bad company and look for some good friends who were successful in business and at home. It was not good for you to stay out late night.

You should give more time and more mind in your business and should stop going with friends during the business hours. You should go into the detail of his business failure and improve accordingly. You should try to improve your relation with your staff by all good means as they are the right people to relieve you from the present situation.

The best thing you should do is to follow up your good wife and pray everyday at night with your family before sleep and keep God with you through out the day. You should never hesitate to pray in the office for the guidance from the Almighty during tense circumstances.”

Having enough faith in his friend Karioki and looking at his successful life at home and at the business, Ben agreed to follow his advice without any excuse. He was grateful to Karioki to show him the right path to success in business and at home.

And with enough confidence, he went home, talked with his wife about the advice given by his friend Karioki and prayed for the first time with his wife after several years and slept a very peaceful night and woke up with a very fresh mind full with the positive ideas.

His Christian wife thanked God to see his husband with the changed nature. She joined Ben in his prayers and in reading Bible everyday before sleep when Ben had abandoned his bad habit of staying out until late. He changed his timetable and also changed his attitudes. He got hold of the friendly atmosphere and gave more time in his business and at home. He joined the Sunday Church with his wife and made so many Christian friends.

He took his children and the wife for outing at events and started visiting the homes of his successful friends and avoided the company of his friends who were always after drinks and heavy outside foods. He started attending religious functions with his wife.

He met Karioki often and he visited his home at times and also invited the family of Karioki at his home and had dinner together. Two families came very close and they prayed together whenever they met at each other’s house for a dinner.

The children once found notorious, turned out to be the recognized students of the school with good character and passing marks. Mrs. BEN gave her husband the love of her whole heart and prayed for his success and peace.

His staff turned out to be very hard working and honest and worked until late without ever complaining or even asking any overtime and the business of Mr. BEN TURNED OUT TO BE ON THE PATH OF GOOD PROFIT MAKING AND IN NO TIME HE PAID HIS DEBTS and turned out to be a very efficient and profit making business man of the area.

The Faith in the Almighty Lord and the prayers had really worked and the life of Ben had seen a very good turn with the loving wife, good children and faithful and hardworking staff.

Mr. KARIOKI, The loving husband, affectionate father, a good and generous boss and a very dedicated Christian member had really helped Ben to turn out to be a good father, a loving husband and the successful businessman and above all the very keen and enthusiastic member of the Sunday Church.

FAITH in LORD had completely changed the life of Mr.Ben who could have been otherwise in the total mess.

Faith in Lord is the sure path to a successful, happy, loving and peaceful life. A person without the FAITH makes himself a mess of problems and failures.

This applies to everyone regardless of his or her particular FAITH. It does not matter whether you are a Christian, Hindu or Muslim or any other Faith-whatever GOD you believe-have total FAITH in HIM and pray together with the family and there you are with a bundle of success and happiness for your entire family.




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