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Charity for the right cause.

This was during my service as a Government Medical officer in Bahati Center some 35 kms from Nakuru.

I was very familiar with the area and all sorts of people around. There was a small group of saw mill workers staying in the wooden houses.

Mr. Odhiambo had his crippled daughter staying at home unable to move around the area. Mr. Karioki’s first born was born handicap and at the age of 16 he could not do any sort of work. Mrs. Margaret the aged widow had to look after her disabled daughter who was striked by polio at the age of five.

If only all of those less fortunates were assisted with clippers, artificial foot and a wheel Chair they could move around and do the appropriate work.

I appealed for those children to M/S Doshi Hardware of Nairobi who was very generous to donate accordingly to enable all those children to earn their own bread.

There were some more people unable to raise money for their movement and who relied on their families for daily bread. All such people were fortunate to be assisted by Mr. Doshi of Doshi Hardware. He was really blessed by those people from heart.

Later on Mr.Doshi and the group of A.P.D.K. Nakuru assisted nearly 10 people with the artificial JAIPUR Foot and the area became the charity field for Mr.Doshi and his group.

Charity, in the foot-steps of Mr. Doshi served the right purpose to help the needy to be on their own without being burden over the family.




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