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No woman willingly goes for a Caesarean delivery. It is a necessity only when a normal birth is not possible. Caesarean births are not blessings for the newborn and even the mothers are at risk at certain levels, according to the findings by health experts.

Children delivered by Caesarean process are more likely to die earlier than those born naturally. Mothers undergoing Caesarean deliveries are also found to be more at risk of health disorders and fatalities concerned with childbirth. Such mothers are more likely to be having hysterectomies and there are far greater possibilities of such mothers requiring blood transfusions, necessitating them being treated in the intensive care unit (ICU). Such newborn babies face the risk of ailments, leading them also to be admitted to a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Further research reveals that Caesarean delivery for breech babies – those born upside down, i.e. facing the wrong way in the mother’s womb (in a normal birth, the head of the baby emerges first from the womb whereas breech babies are born legs first) have better chances of survival. It is therefore advisable and safer for both baby and mother to go for a surgical delivery if the baby is found to be in the breech position.

Caesarean babies are found to have less immunity and are more sensitive to the changing atmosphere. Sometimes they die of minor ailments due to lack of enough immunity power.

Even the mothers are found to be less active in their daily routines. Resuming early sexual relations with their husbands seems to be painful and therefore not willingly desired. Such women have to be very cautious about becoming pregnant as any further delivery before two years is risky for both the mothers and their babies. There is every chance of the babies being stillborn or their mothers dying after giving birth. Neither way is it good.


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