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There is such argument about the existence of God between believers and scientists. But gradually science and theism are beginning to converge. Many now agree that that there is some inexplicable field of force and energy in to which humans turn by means of meditation, prayers and other spiritual aids. And that is no one else but Almighty GOD.

In the past a few mere mortals got a touch of the force- field named as God and some of them relayed their experiences to their disciples and apostles. They were named variously as Son of God, Christ, Saints, Buddha, Priest, Bhagwan, Almighty’ and so on.

In the life of Lord Buddha, one such event occurred when he attained Buddha-hood from being Prince Sidhartha. In that moment of enlightenment, he became liberated from the wheel of birth and death, or reincarnation. The anniversary to commemorate this event is known as “Buddha Purnima”. The day generally falls in the seventh month [Vaisakh] of the Hindu calendar which corresponds with the end of April each year.

It was believed in the Northern India among North and Middle Asian tribes that on the night of Vaisakh (30th April) at full moon time, the highly perfected being Lord Buddha manifests Himself before pilgrims. Masters, disciples and adepts shower powerful blessings on humanity at large during that time.

It is also believed that at this time, masters, adepts, disciples and Lord Maitraiya manifest themselves in physical forms to pilgrims. Lord Buddha manifests again to pilgrims in physical form and feature.  It is also possible for any aspirant to be present at a specific time in astral form if he relieves himself of his daily chores an hour before and goes to sleep. Yet very few pilgrims in their physical body are able to locate and reach the site of Manifestation. Many pilgrims move around the site in vain and some even perish. Hardly any pilgrim manages to reach the place.

Therefore the description of the festival at the site of Manifestation is purely a matter of vision described by Bishop Lead beater, as he saw when in a trance at the known time of the Manifestation.

The ceremony takes place some 500 miles west of Lohasa in Tibet on a rock-stream and weedy rectangular plain. A river crosses the Stet from the Southwest corner to the middle of the northern border after passing through a valley. The plain is surrounded by desolate and arid hills. On the slopes of the hill on its eastern side, there are few huts and an old stupa. At the southern end of the plain there is an altar twelve feet long and five feet high.

A few days the pilgrims Fitch their tents on either side of the river and on the full moon day they wash all their clothes and take a ceremonial bath. A few hours before the event they sit down on the northern part of the plain where Lamas address them.

Masters, adepts and members of the White Brotherhood arrive and appear in physical forms. All pilgrims bow to them with respect and the Masters mingle freely with the pilgrims.

The altar is adorned with flowers and lotus garlands laid around water- filled golden vessel placed on the altar. Half- an- hour before full moon, Masters, disciples and White Brothers form three rings facing the inner side with members placed in outer and inner circles according to their rank.

On recitation of Slokes (sacred hymns), Lord Maitraiyan appears in the center of the circle with Yogadand (wand) in his hand. This wand is made of Orichelsum, which has sharp-pointed, star-studded bulbs at each ends. All present in the ring stet greet Lord Maitriya and the chanting of slokes continues.

Those in the inner circles form a cross and then a triangle with the Lord at the apex. In this formation, Lord Maitraya leads the ring triangle to the altar, where he places the wand near the water- filled vessel. Those in the ring and the triangle change into a formation of three petalled flowers in the triangle to a six pointed star and finally a five pointed star.

Chanting sacred hymns, Lord Maitriya raises the wand with both hands high over his head and says,

“All is ready, God, please come now”.

As the full moon shines out, Lord Maitriya replaces the wand and a huge “shadow body” of Lord Buddha floats over the peaks of the mountain on the southern boarder. Every one bows in reverence and the following three Slolces are chanted.

“Surrender to Great Teacher. I surrender to the truth. I surrender to Stagha.”  (A close knit group of devotees)

All present raise their faces to the Shadow body of Lord Buddha and the Master and the Adepts chant in the Pali language.

“Maha Mangal Sutta” and the “Ultimate Boon” for the benefit of the whole of humanity.”

Briefly, it may be translated as follows:-

“God, which is the Ultimate Boon?”

“The Ultimate Boon and blessings are to serve the wise ones in the Human Race”

“Honour those who merit honour. Reside in a happy and peaceful land and the country, which is possible with the good deeds of the past birth… Intelligence, education, spiritual discipline and clean mind will produce sweet and well spoken words.

Service to parents and love of family are the peaceful means of subsistence. Live an honest, charitable life, always helping others. Fear God and you will avoid sin. Avoid gossip, avoid stimulant alcoholic drinks, and stay away from adultery and other vices and never of doing good deeds.

Have endurance and humility, seek up company of quiet and honest people, maintain religious discourses at correct times, and aim for purity and self- realization, and knowledge of the four great truths. This means to be near to nirvana (i.e., liberation from reincarnation) unaffected by the ever- changing circumstances of life. Always maintain fearlessness and cheerfulness in all parts of life”

One who behaves thus is ever victorious, safe and happy in all pasts of life. He has lived to the satisfaction of Lord Maitriya and the Masters and is ultimately settled in the White Brotherhood as a dedicated member, always in touch with Lord Buddha.

Thus “Wesak Festival” is a unique opportunity for a disciple who aims at Nirvana and who does not wish to come back in this world through the womb of a mother…

A pilgrim the particular festival on the peaks of the mountains of Himalayas would surely gain eternal knowledge and be capable of seeing the Masters and Adepts in the meditation chant. His knowledge achieved will be very helpful to the human race, regardless of colour, race, creed or religion.

He will be able to create a nucleus of Universal Brotherhood which will be responsible for a new generation with purity of life, cleanliness of heart and willingness to create love and peace from today’s grudge and enmity.

The world would be an attractive place for the Angels and Devas to perform their benevolent activities. There would be no wars and LOVE; PEACE AND UNITY would prevail.



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