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Unusual case of Kidney Stones Treated



This is the true story of a person who was a very dedicated fan of Allopathic treatment and once despised the Indian system of medicine.

He had a problem with urinating, finding it very painful and was even passing blood in the urine. He was compelled to urinate every 30 minutes. If he could not reach the lavatory on time or if he tried to delay the urination, he experienced abdominal pain and with the urge to pass water also came the need to pass a motion. This was happening three or four times in 24 hours.

It became very difficult for him to use the Indian toilet and so his bathroom was equipped with an English toilet. He had lost his appetite and was able to sleep for barely an hour at a time.

He had taken allopathic treatment continuously from two doctors for twelve months but the problem persisted. Several urine samples were taken, along with a number of X-rays, which showed crystals and swelling in the kidneys.

Then he took Homeopathic treatment for six months. There was a slight improvement in pain, the interval between urinations increased to 45 minutes and the stool problem was nearly under control. However, blood was still present in the urine and the itching was still there. Homeopathic treatment was given for another six months, but no further improvement was achieved.

The patient, who was nearly 44 years of age, had a business of hardware materials and paints. The business was managed by his second son who had recently completed his studies and was preparing to open up a distilled water plant. The elder son had left home immediately after marriage to start his own business. There were also three daughters who were still at school.

His wife had to look after the schoolgirls and her husband, who kept her busy throughout the day and night. She could not leave him for long, as he would start shouting if he found himself on his own. Sometimes he needed assistance in going to the toilet as he was overcome by dizziness at times and felt that he would fall down if there was no one to help him.

His elder son, who was in contact with me and knew me well as the ‘foreign returned doctor’ also practising Ayurvedic and Naturopathic medicine, came to my clinic one morning and asked me if I could take his father’s case as they all were fed up with the constant Allopathic treatment which had not worked for him at all.

He also briefed me about the Homeopathic treatment, but he now wanted to try my Alternative Medicine treatment, being aware that I had cured many people in the area, and at a very reasonable cost. Although his father was not in favour of Indian Medicine, he decided to take my treatment if I would agree to treat him. The only alternative to my treatment was an operation and he had been advised to undergo the operation as soon as possible to avoid further discomfort and inconvenience. He was afraid of undergoing surgery and wished to avoid it if at all possible.

There was no reason why I should not treat him as I was able to accept all patients who approached me for treatment within my capacity. I was taking all kinds of cases and I was particularly interested in cases where Allopathic treatment had failed and Ayurvedic medicine was called upon. I had taken on the challenges of several difficult cases which famous and experienced doctors had failed to cure.


The patient was brought to my clinic the next day and I could see the skeleton of a man of 44 years in front of me with dull eyes and a gloomy face, a man who could hardly sit and could hardly speak. I read the reports prepared by his doctors and studied the X-rays and I could see there were stones in the urine and a wound in the kidney, which was the main cause of blood in the urine. The constant pain was also due to the particular wound. I had no need to take further tests as I could determine my treatment from the reports already made and from the account of the patient. I also examined his stomach and lower abdomen, which were very painful.

I asked him to restrict chilled, sour and oily foods. He should also avoid salt in his food, substituting it with Sindhav, the Sindhi salt instead. I advised him to avoid tea and coffee and go for cow’s milk and to restrict his food to sweet fruits and cabbage soup.

I gave him the following medicines for the first course of ten days:

  1. Shrontilagirl tablets 2×3 times a day with milk: to stop bleeding in the urine.
  2. Trifla Gugal 4×3 times a day, powdered and mixed with water, taken on an empty stomach, for the healing of the wound in the kidney.
  3. Bangeshwar Rasa for the urinary problem and the crystals, 2×4 a day with milk.
  4. Arogyavardhini 2×3 times a day half an hour before food, for the control of general health.

I asked the son to give me a report on his father every alternate day to enable me to change the dose and timings of the medicines accordingly if required.

I had nothing to change in my course as I found everything working well with the patient by the fourth day. At the end of ten days, I could see a drastic change in the health of the patient; he was sitting up straight and was talking properly with a bright face and a light in his eyes again.

He was now urinating every two hours. He felt hardly any pain in the stomach and no blood had been seen in the urine for the last two days. The pain in his kidney was tolerable. His temperature and BP were also normal. He had an appetite again and ate well, and had put on 2 kilograms in weight. He could even sleep continuously for two to three hours at a time.

I allowed him to take rice, dal and chapatties in his food and restricted him to certain types of vegetables. Otherwise the control of food remained the same. The medicine was changed follows:

  1. Chandraprabhavati tablets 2×3 times a day in milk instead of Bangeshwar.
  2. The dose of Trifla Gugal and Arogyavardhini to be the same.
  3. I added the dose of Mandur vati 2×3 times a day in milk for energy and any swelling in the kidney.

When the patient came to my clinic the next time, he was on his own and had walked the distance of over half a mile. I found him to be in a good state. He had hardly any complaints, but there remained some problem in the kidneys as he was still getting up twice to urinate in the night. There was also a slight burning and the flow of urine was not constant. However, he continued with my treatment for the next two months and he was quite fit by the end of that time. I allowed him to return to his business by the end of the second month, much to his delight.

The patient’s son was very grateful to me and, to my surprise, he brought his father with him, who now completely condemned Allopathic and had turned out to be a strong supporter of Ayurved. He brought me a box of sweet grapes as a token of his thanks for curing him of the ‘incurable’ disease.

He also gladly sponsored three of my monthly Free Medical Camps and, since then, has been to my clinic several times… not for treatment, but bringing and introducing the well-to-do clients of his circle who were tired of Allopathic treatment.




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