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Power of Believing

Belief is a modern controversial subject. To believe or not to believe has moved the world on self-conscience and success and failure issues. Power of believing has inspired the human race to achieve celebratory success.

A human being has achieved what he wanted through the mighty power of believing. He climbs the stairs of success with the chain of determination and confidence through the push of believing and he very comfortably achieves what he has believed in his mind. Belief is his strong staircase to climb the platform of success and prosperity. He climbs it with full confidence looking ahead to a very bright future.

World acclaimed philosophers, prophets, saints, psychologists, Mahatmas and scientists have succeeded and made history through the eternal power of believing. In other words BELIEF is the sure gateway to achieve what you wish.

The Christians are very much aware of the chapter in Bible, which clearly says, ‘As a man thinketh in his mind, so he becomes.’ And, ‘All things are possible to him that Believeth.’

Lord Buddha, the outspoken God of the Far East, has rightly said, ‘All that we are is the result of what we have intensively believed.’

Lord Krishna, the Supreme Lord of the Hindus has also whispered in His Holy renderance, ‘You are what you believe, and believe in me and you will succeed.’

Mohammed the Prophet, while quoting in the Holy Koran, has very ably and widely emphasized the need for the Power of Believing.

The renowned thinker, Confucius, has wisely illustrated the outstanding qualities of the Superior Human as virtues; bold, highly aimed and fearless, which he has grasped from the firm Belief.

The great historians, Vasco da Gama and Sir Francis Drake sailed in the oceans for several months and made their adventures valid just because they had a firm power of belief with them throughout their ventures. Even in the middle of the ocean where they had lost direction and were without water and food, they believed that they would make it and with GOD’S blessings they did.

America’s popular Counsellor, Mr. Kopmeyer, as a successful adviser has emphasized, ‘Whatever the mind of the individual can conceive and believe, a man can surely achieve.’

One of the most outstanding thinkers of the present era, Mr. William James has gone so far as to say, ‘Without firm belief, there can be no successful outcome in life. It is the belief that creates the actual fact.’ The right belief draws a guide-line for the ever successful life and the same belief will enable to cross all difficult pathways leading to success and prosperity. The firm BELIEF is the very right torch to build your career and you will never go wrong if you have with you the right belief.

Mahatma Gandhi, the peaceful Freedom Fighter and the idol of millions of INDIANS gave credit to his firm belief for the massive success he achieved in South Africa and India without ever using force or any weapon. He totally believed in non-violence with the huge mission in front of him and he made it without any setback.

The world renowned instinctive and miraculous writers of today, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and Dale Carnegie, have changed the lives of millions by injecting the power of belief into their minds through their fantastic writings in the widely circulated pocket books.

Lord Swaminarayan, the latest manifestation of the Hindu Godhead and the darling of millions, has very openly and honestly blessed His followers, ‘Believe in me and I will show you the true path to Salvation. Believe in me and I will do the rest. Believe in me AND SUCCESS STANDS AT THE THRESHOLD OF YOUR LIFE.’

Thus the power of BELIEVING, utilized in the right way through the right channel, works like a miracle. There is no issue in the life of a person which cannot be sorted out with the firm power of belief.

But belief is not magic. It works like a miracle but it is not a miracle. Belief is A POWER, which has some special connections with the Power of the Supreme GODHEAD. It is a Power within oneself, which never fails or allows the believer to fail. It is the stamina which penetrates the mind and sets the positive flow of thought, leading to the right action.

Positive thinking goes hand in hand with belief. True efforts and constant work in the right channel are the guides of belief. True belief is not as easy to master as one may think. Not every Tom, Dick and Harry can have the master key of right belief. Not all minds can host the Power of Believing. The negative thoughts and the evil minds are very far from the power of believing. People with suspicious minds can hardly believe in the inner power.

But still it is a fact that YOU BECOME WHAT YOU BELIEVE TO BE. You can certainly achieve what you believe you can. Believing should always go with full confidence, the right efforts and positive thoughts.

Your aim and the direction towards BELIEF should always be GENUINE.  BELIEF should be followed by self-confidence and trust in the ALMIGHTY. It should be seconded by positive thinking.




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