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Obesity means sterility for a woman

Although it is not always the fact that a women with obesity is a sterile woman. There are cases of over-weight woman being pregnant and giving birth to healthy babies. But they are rare. In most of the cases women with extra flesh around her womb are found sterile. A woman may be over weight. That does not disqualify her to be a mother. But if her extra kilos are found on and around her uterus, it is very difficult for her to get pregnancy.

Out of the sixty two cases of infertility, I have treated in my clinic nearly fifty seven of them were over-weight. Out of those 57 cases nearly 47 had extra flesh around their wombs.

All those obese women given the sterility treatment of the best type, did not show any positive response but when they were given the standard treatment after reducing the extra weight, the results were totally positive… Out of those over-weight infertile women, nearly 50% were found to be pregnant after reducing their weight even without any medical treatment.

Obviously the extra flesh around the uterus does not allow ova of the female to be mated by the sperms of male in the uterus. The fat layer of fallopian tube does not allow the ova to pass through and to mate with sperms… The sperms from the male organ are produced fresh during every mating time but the ova in the ovary of a woman is produced once in every month and stays alive for three to four days in the womb.. During those four days if the ova can not mate with the sperms due to obesity in the womb, it is not possible for a woman to be pregnant.

In the case of an over-weight woman, if she is able to reduce the weight to the extent of reducing extra flash around the fallopian tubes in the uterus, she is eligible to be pregnant even if body is seen with extra flesh. All those few women also get pregnant when they are found over weight is just because the fallopian tube of their uterus is not found with extra flesh which allows the ova to pass through easily to meet the sperms of the male during uterus.

The experienced gynaecologist. who treats the cases of sterile women with obesity should be aware of this reality and hence she founds easier to treat her interfile female patients accordingly… It is advisable for a doctor to treat an over – weight interfile woman after reducing her weight to nearly normal and especially removing the extra flesh in and around uterus… Sometimes the doctor is successful in treating the patient without reducing the entire body flesh or sometimes when he or she found it difficult to get reduced the over – weight to the area around uterus. I had certain cases of the women with the extra 60 kgs. to be very difficult to be treated if asked to reduce those extra kilos even after a year. But they, after reducing the required extra kilos in and around uterus got pregnant after the treatment.

But surely if the women with obesity is found to be infertile, it can be mainly due to her over – weight but a doctor can not assure the patient to be fertile only after reducing the over – weight.

She needs one or the other type of treatment after reducing… The reports after the removal of extra kilos especially around her womb will show the type of treatment required.




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