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All human beings that are born are subject to death sooner or later. All lives have their destined death. Each and every creature on this earth has its own life span and surely one is born to die in whatever stage he or she is in this life.

No one is immortal in this world. Death is the end of destined life-span but not because the body is worn out. Even the very young person might be snatched by death and the very old aged person might survive for long. Not all persons die because of sickness. There is no special cause of the death. Sometimes a very healthy and young person faces death due to heart attack or a fatal accident. One might die anytime in the natural disasters. Thousands of people might die in the wars. There are several deaths during the communal riots. ONE might die with the snake bite or the food poisoning.

Death still remains an un-known mystery to the modern world. Fear takes over the person who sees his death in coming. Every one is afraid of death and no one actually would entertain to listen about the death in coming. We can not face the death of our beloved ones. It is very difficult to face the death of our family member and the dearest relative. We weep, mourn and grieve very seriously during one of our attached death.

We are very much confused to see our beloved person who was always with us, disappearing from our sight all of a sudden through death. We are very much disturbed to see the life-less body of our relative lying helpless before us. For time being we are very much disturbed to see the physical aspects of the person turning into ashes who was once moving, talking and attached with us just few moments earlier.

It is a great shock and surprise to face that a person who was with us, always to our sight, working with us, sharing our joys and sorrows, has dis-appeared from us all at a time.

We try everything possible to save our beloved one from the jaw of death. We spend an excess of money and pledge to the doctor for his or her survival. We pray to our God and other Deities to save our beloved one at any cost. We vow to please the Lord if He could save the person. But there is nothing we can do in this matter. We are just helpless as we have no machinates or means to avoid or delay the death.

In reality, what is this DEATH which each and every living creature has to face sooner or later? Actually what happens to our body and the life within during DEATH?

We are told that it is the only physical body which dies but the real life as a SOUL moves further in the eternal world with the new prospectus. If WE are SOUL plus BODY and if the SOUL is the real life-then DO WE REALLY DIE? This one million valued question has been the true challenge to the old timed learned personals, Saints, Philosophers, Prophets, Scientists and lastly the Theosophists. Thanks to their exploitations that today’s world is at some extent aware of the mysterious DEATH.

But in reality, how many of us understand the mystery of BIRTH and DEATH even today? Have we really endeavored to search for the truth about the Life and Death? It seems that we have overlooked the subject and we have not bothered to study and go into the depth of the subject.

To understand LIFE and DEATH, it is very important to understand us first. It is surprising to note the truth that the last thing in this world, we have tried to understand and search is OURSELF. We have endeavored to study and understand nature of plants and insects. We have lost ourselves to dig the mystery about mountains, rocks and volcanoes. We have created new history to explore various hidden places and worlds. We have spent millions and struggled to reach MOON and the other planets very far from us. We have made the world very short by creating miraculous instruments of communications. But we have overlooked ourselves and have never gone so deep to explore ourselves and to understand Life and Death in real terms.

Any person who has no true and right knowledge about him would never understand the mystery of Life and Death. It is very difficult for a person to know in right terms HIMSELF.

When we are asked to define ourselves or to identify ourselves, we are happy to give full information about ourselves as a particular Human Being by giving full details of our family life, our achievements and so on. We have hardly any knowledge about the SOUL, which is in ourselves and which is the true OURSELF.

Adhering to our very limited knowledge about ourselves, we try to comfort our body, which in the right and true sense is nothing but the horse for our real life SOUL and the wardrobe for the physical aspects only. We adore our body, which is nothing but the driving vehicle of our SOUL; with very costly make ups, clothes and ornaments. When we feel little pain in our body or discomfort, we try to get relief through modern sources. But the time arrives when nothing of the modern creation would stop us from being taken over by DEATH.

All the Doctors and the modern science by spending millions would not be able to stop us from DYING. All the very precious parts of our body, which we hesitated to part away, even at the very high cost, would cease to work and our body is nothing but the corpse and no one would like to store it for long. Our dead body without the presence of LIFE is burned or buried and all our attached persons who were promising and acting to die for us would be helpless and forget about us within the time period. They would cry, weep and grieve our Death on the top of the world for few days and would join their daily life as usual without us in no time.

According to Ancient Wisdom, the physical body of the person is not the real person. It is the vehicle for the life within. The body is the residence of the SOUL within which is in true sense OURSELF and we reckon it as EGO. An EGO comprises of physical, astral and heavenly stages of life. The actual constitution of the human body consists of physical, astral and mental bodies which are present in each and every living person.

When our physical body is worn out, we are said to be dead and the life within ourselves which was the controlling power of ourselves as whole leaves our body and goes for further prospectus seeking another super natural aspects.

By death, it is only our physical life, which has stopped working. The soul, which was the tenant of the body, goes for the further journey in the Astral world where we are never torn out. We can travel wherever we wish to the height and speed of our will, facing no barriers of any partitions or structures. We are no more worried about our clothes; wardrobes or food as our thought power is our supplier of our total needs.

In this stage, our soul is capable of everything, which is needed at the particular sequence. The atmospheres we entertain resemble that of our dream sequence. However we come to learn from our experiences that dreams are nothing but the memory of our astral journey during our resting period. During our dream sequence, we travel thousands of miles on an unknown world but at the end we come back to our normal life whereas on the death sequence, we never come back but we proceed further in the other world.

Now when our part in the astral world is fulfilled, we go to our Mental Life, which according to the religion is HEAVEN. Here we are free to enjoy all the joys of life without ever giving anything. We are rewarded for our good deeds of the life we have left. If we have no credit balance in our account of good deeds, then perhaps we might have to go HELL to pay for our evil deeds.

Now from HEAVEN or HELL whichever was our destination as per our past deeds, we prepare ourselves for the further birth as per our Karmas. We get the body as per our past birth and the KARMAS carried out. From the heaven, surely we would be given better prospectus than the previous life but the life from the HELL has no better prospectus and would be given the physical aspects to pay and suffer for the evil deeds done in the previous birth.

Our SOUL while in the Astral atmosphere gets some assistance from our ancestors who have settled themselves there as per their DEEDS. They are given the duties of promoting the souls and make them matured by giving Divine Knowledge to the souls concerned or related to them as per the last birth on earth. If our ancestors settled in the Astral World are happy with our deeds and us, they would surely assist us as the guides to our further journey. Their influence in the particular world could be of enormous use to us.

Thus a real person is in no way changed by the DEATH but in all respects he is the same person minus his physical aspects. Through death he just casts off his body of that plane and leaves it behind to be burned or buried-himself going to the higher and still fuller life of the other world which we know as ASTRAL World. Death in most cases is the promotion of the SOUL.

Thus SOUL as the real person never dies. Death to him is to change the wardrobes and the atmosphere for the body. He passes the other aspects of the other world without the knowledge of the persons on earth. When his journey on the other world comes to an end, he comes back on the earth, this time with better wardrobes and better atmosphere as per his final audited accounts of his KARMAS.

The newly born baby or the infant is a fully-grown and experienced soul with an unmatured and un experienced physical aspects. He has a vast field of stored talent, which he uses as and when required, and as per his maturity of his body. Some of the habits and the part of the character he shows are the part of his past experiences. We find very many newly born children showing high talents to the surprise of the parents and the relatives. It is nothing but to utilize the part of their talents from the stock of past experiences.

So in terms of SPIRITUALATION, a soul never dies. It is immortal and carries on its journey to the end of its destination, which is absolute SALVATION changing the vehicles as and where required. It is the KARMA of DESTINY which guides and advises the SOUL to change the body as and when required. The character and the action of the soul might vary with the circumstances but nature mostly comes as the serial of the past lives.

The duration of the life’s stay in the particular physical aspects is controlled by the department of Destiny, which identifies and reckons the time limit of the soul during the take over, of the new body.

Death of the person is destined. It is never in practical that the old body goes earlier than the young body. The age of the body has no concern with the DEATH. That is why we see the infants of few months taken over by death and the aged persons of more than 80 years awaiting the death. It is no ones choice. Death is never furious or fearful. The process and the circumstances might seem to be painful at some events otherwise the process is not very complicated or painful. Death is nothing but a better and promoted prospectus for the mighty soul.

For some, Death is very painful. But that would entirely depend upon his Karmas. Theory of Karma plays an important role in the process of Death and the life after.



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