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Craze of Love at First Sight

Raman used to go to a well-known water resort once every month and stayed there whole afternoon, enjoying the facilities with his college friends. Once whilst enjoying snacks in the canteen, he saw a young beautiful girl and found himself instantly drawn to her, mad about her beauty and charm. He adored everything about her, mesmerized by her every movement, and he came to love her from the bottom of his heart. This was the living example of LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.

He talked about the particular girl to one of his friends, expressing his keen interest in her. He tried following her on several occasions but found he was never able to speak to her as she was always with some one and often with her parents. Sometimes he saw her in the market place where she was always with an elder woman. Once he even met her in the theatre where she was in the company of a well-dressed and handsome man, whom he thought to be her brother.

He stared at her dress, her hairstyle, her bewitching eyes and the alluring smile on her juicy lips and instantly fell in love with her. He had never seen such a beautiful girl so far and vowed to marry her come what may, as long as she wasn’t already engaged to another person. God had created this young damsel for him, he concluded. And so she became the only girl for him.

He asked one of his friends to find her whereabouts and to find out the name and telephone number of the girl as soon as possible, as he did not want to waste any time. He wanted to find her immediately and propose engagement. She really was born for him, he concluded.

He was sure his modern minded mother would not mind his choice and his wayward father would have no say in the matter once his mother had agreed. His heart, his pulse and his thoughts all settled on the unknown beauty. Day and night, he thought of marrying this particular girl at all costs. His mother had enough money and he could continue to study whilst married. He would spend the full weekend with his wife, he concluded. He was after all the only son of a rich mother who had a very well established business of her own.

After having finally got the contact details for Rita, he rang her and agreed an informal date in the water resort, where he had first seen her and lost his heart to her in that first sight. He was very much moved by the sweet voice of the girl over the telephone. His friend had been so very helpful, getting Rita’s contact details so quickly, and so he gave his friend a very expensive wristwatch to thank him for his help.

Rita arrived as planned, but with two of her girl friends. Raman did not mind this at all as he was very aware of the Hindu custom where girls would never meet a boy alone in an initial meeting. He thought Rita to be a girl of some good cultured family.

His heart vibrated to the tune of heavenly atmosphere and his whole body turned out to be warm with the tonic of love and he felt as if he was already in the hands of the beauty.

Rita was nicely dressed and her make-ups would draw anyone in. He felt her touch from the distance and he smelt her alluring perfumed atmosphere that was enough for someone like Raman to find himself madly attracted.

He could see nothing else but Rita in each and every part of the resort. He ignored the greetings from his old friend. He overlooked his neighbor glaring and smiling at him. He didn’t even look at the loving couple enjoying their frolics in the resort water. It was only Rita he cared to focus on, and he did not want to waste any time making small talk or absentmindedly staring at others. He had come in the particular resort with no other committements but to meet his love and enjoy the lovely atmosphere by being with her for some time.

He took his seat at the table he had reserved like a prince and gave a very alluring and bewitching smile to the three girls who had already settled on the table. He introduced himself to the girls as if he were being introduced in the forum of outstanding lovers. An older friend of Rita introduced the girls in a very absorbing style. The special introduction of Rita, not only diluted the emotional thoughts of Raman about his darling but it pushed him high in the paradise of the lucky admirers.

Rita did not have to talk or speak as the event was taken over by her friend who seemed to be very cute and shrewd in the conversation. Everybody’s food and drink preferences were established, and a good selection of snacks and coffee were ordered by Raman.

The first meeting was a very delightful event for Raman as he was very happy to talk and have snacks with his darling and he was more delighted to have himself sat just by her and absorb the heavenly smell of her delicate and pretty perfumed body that had provoked his loving thoughts.

He arranged for another meeting this time with Rita only and they were to meet in the love-garden where he could enjoy the soft touch of her alluring body and if possible seek the golden opportunity to kiss her juicy and sexy lips and rosy cheeks.

He could hardly sleep during the nights that led up to their next meeting. He could not even settle his mind in his studies and all his thoughts settled on his meeting with Rita, just the two of them alone this time. He had talked about his love affair with his mother who had asked him to invite Rita at home for a dinner and the matter would be further discussed with her parents. Raman had already discussed his decision to marry Rita at the earliest time possible with his mother.

Raman reached the garden one hour earlier than they had scheduled to meet as he did not want his darling to wait even a minute for him. He passed his next hour and a half just dreaming and planning his future with Rita. He thought of going to Kashmir for his honey moon trip and stay in the house-boat of his choice. He visualised the scene of the hit film JAB JAB FUL KHILE and replaced himself being Shashi Kapoor and his darling Rita as charming Nanda- the Hero and Heroine.

He even planned their children and the place and time of their births. He wanted to pass the first three years without having a child, moving with Rita to visit different places of their choice.

Rita arrived almost an hour later than agreed and as soon as she got there she apologized to Raman in a very sweet language that led to Raman forgetting about how inconvenienced he had been waiting for her. He took Rita into the corner of the garden where they were alone. They sat on the American grass and Raman took Rita’s hand in his and kissed it with all the courage and love he had stored in his feelings all these days.

Rita seemed not only to be shocked but terrified by Raman’s sudden romantic gesture. Perhaps she had not expected such a forward advancement during their second meeting. Raman hardly could control his body or mind, and he felt as if the nectar of the heaven was being poured in his blood stream as he sat there with the most beautiful and most delicate lady of the world.                                         His heart almost skipped a beat when his lips slipped over the smooth palm of his sweetheart’s hand. The warmth of Rita’s body furthered his temptation and he lost all control, taking Rita in his arms and kissing her juicy lips like a hungry and thirsty animal drinking water and relinquishing food after a very long fast.

Suddenly Rita, who had earlier given him a very alluring pose with the bewitching exposure of her sexually aggressive breasts, pushed him on the grass with a bewitching smile, as if she were set to satisfy his sexual desires. Instead however, she stated that she had something to say. Raman was eager to listen and agree to anything she would say, as his heart was on the top of the world and his thoughts racing with time. His eager and sex-hungry eyes were now set solely on the very alluring and stiff breasts which were peeping from Rita’s neck-cut blouse and nylon bra. His mouth moistened and he licked his lips.

Although he did not intend to start an illicit sexual affair with his darling Rita at that moment, he was fully prepared to kiss her rosy lips and embrace her with all the pressure of his body and have the warmth of her bewitching breasts fulfilling his temptation.

He was against sex before marriage and there would be enough time for that soon as he was supposed to marry the girl of her choice in the near future. He was free to have full sex with her at any time once she had agreed to be his darling wife.

Rita pulled away from Raman and stared at him like a wild cat. She roared at him,

“See Mister… Pay me an advance before going further as I had had several bad experiences with men enjoying full sexual interactions with me and then refusing to pay my demanded reward. I am not a cheap woman like some others who would surrender to any man just to the mercy of the man after the act. I would take Rs.500 in advance before I gave myself fully to you. That is only for the garden but if you wish to rake me on the Hotel, the charges will be more and you will have to pay for the Hotel charges. You can give me some extra money after the act if you are satisfied. You may even buy me some gifts in future if you wanted to continue friendship with me on the agreed terms. I am ready to give you the pleasure of your life if you pay me properly. I will not charge you anything for accompanying you to a restaurant or the cinema, but a dinner in the good hotel”

And Raman, poor fellow, came down to the earth as if he was pushed hard from the heaven with a great blow by the deity whom he considered to be the true source of love. His love at first sight had slapped him hard on the face. He felt as if he had been thrown from the highest mountain peak. He could see all his dreams of leading a happy family life with his beautiful wife falling before his eyes.

This girl, whom he considered to be his darling and future wife and to be the mother of his children, had turned out to be a professional call girl.

The beauty he adorned and was crazy about had actually pushed him into the deep pothole of hell and he found it very difficult to come out from it. He released himself from the grip of a sexual sales girl who was bargaining for her physical love.

He had nothing to do but to go away immediately and disappeared from the site before he became angry and assaulted Rita. After all Rita could not to be blamed. It was her profession and she had never promised him anything or knowingly cheated him of his dream. It was he who had lost himself in thoughts and imagination without ever discussing the details with the girl whom he was prepared to take as the wife after just one meeting.

His craze of love at first sight had been responsible for his set- back and he had no one else to blame but himself. He had looked at Rita with star struck eyes and yet had found the girl preparing for her next customer.

SHIT….. was the only word to come out from Raman and he shirked from the place and disappeared into the crowd on the nearby road before the call girl could follow him for her money. He could hear the rough shout of the girl,

“Aye man! My money! Wait…wait..!”

He felt if he had shaved without using any foam and had forgotten to use any lotion. He felt as if he were acidic, as if he had taken lot of chilies and when he went for the cold goat milk, he was given very sour lemon juice. He had really burned his fingers without any return. He felt as if he was served with the non-vegetarian dish in the pure vegetarian hotel.

He paused and thought for a while and turned around to find the girl still shouting at him for her money and he was so annoyed that he removed Rs.500. from his purse and threw it at the girl, shrinking away into the nearby crowd.

His love at first sight had really slapped him hard.



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