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Cannabis, a well-known plant-based drug in Briton widely used by all sorts of addicts, can damage the health of those who use it.

Smoking even just one ‘joint’ of cannabis may increase the possibility of mental illness, while the drug can severely prejudice the educational activities of teenage users.  Recent expert reports reveal that regular users are at increased risk of suffering serious mental problems that can lead to brain tumours and loss of memory.

This killer drug is widely used by teenagers of both sexes, although the number of male users has been found to be higher.

There was a time when the parents of such children overlooked their use of cannabis. They were not so serious about it as they were not aware of the serious damages of the drugs. But now parents need to be advised about the hazards it presents.

The drug is used worldwide but the results are especially alarming in Great Britain. Psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia are now very common among both teenagers and adults who are regular users.

Now is the time for caution about this drug. Although its effects may take time to manifest themselves, when they do, specialised and perhaps long-term treatment is required.

Nearly 40% of teenagers are said to be occasional users of cannabis. But if timely and appropriate preventative measures are not put in place there is every likelihood of increased use, especially among children of school age.

The minds of school children are both accustomed to drug use and damaged by it, and young users are often found to be badly behaved at school. Quarrels and fist fights that lead to the use of knives and pistols are also the bi-products of an excessive use of these drugs.

Teenage users are often aggressive and have an ‘attitude problem’, as regards their studies. They are not ready to take orders from their teachers at school or their parents at home. They can become increasingly jealous, are accustomed to confrontation and rebellion in a variety of circumstances and are disinclined to settle disputes peacefully, tending to seek out quarrels and fights whenever possible. .

Although the limited use of cannabis may not be too dangerous as regards mental health, it presents a risk to the lives of the young. It is a drug and once addicted, there is no limit and restriction…

Cannabis can damage anyone who uses it. . . .….




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