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I had a case of a patient aged 35 years, who had a heart attack and was admitted to hospital and treated for about three weeks.

Since then, there has been no recurrence of the heart problem. His diet is healthy and he takes regular morning and evening walks. His health is quite normal and at times, naturally, he feels like having sex with his wife. But when he mentions this to his wife, she denies him sex because of his heart problem. She tells him that sex can be very tiring and not safe for a person in poor health and he should wait for a year or so, when he will be perfectly fit and won’t have the worry of a possible further heart attack.

He came to ask my advice about that. Now I had read about the opinion of a heart specialist from Bombay who was in favour of the heart patient having sex as long as he maintained his health properly. Another health magazine, from London, mentions a heart specialist who allows a normal heart patient to have sex on the terms that it should be an easy method and not too excitable. Over-excitement or sex more than once a night is not good for the heart patient, he mentions.

Another heart specialist, from USA, is of the opinion that there is no need for a heart patient to avoid sex. But he should be careful at all times about his diet and BP. He should continue to have normal sex, but he should never attempt it when his BP is high.

There is, he says, no harm done to the heart during normal sexual intercourse. In fact, normal, easy-going sex is beneficial to the blood circulation in the coronary arteries. Sex can sometimes work as a medicine for the heart patient.

Personally, my thoughts were the same and I advised him to have normal sex at certain intervals but not to overdo it – and certainly not to do it when over-excited.

Otherwise, if carried out sensibly without too much excitement, sex is never harmful for a heart patient who takes care of his health. It would, however, be advisable for him to have smooth and easy sex… never fast and furious.




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