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Being Overweight is Hazardous for Health



It is not always true that you become fat by eating too much. Although eating several times a day or to eat until the stomach is full is not good for health, it is not always the cause of obesity.

It depends on what you eat and not how much you eat. Even if you do not eat until the stomach is full, but what you do eat is full of fat and sugar, in other words a high calorie diet, then you certainly risk obesity whether you are full up or not. Food high in calories increases cholesterol in the body and encourages obesity.

Sweet, salty and oily foods are responsible for adding weight to the body. Soft drinks like Coke, Fanta and Pepsi have extra calories and will soon lead to obesity. Milk shake, a favourite drink encourages obesity.

Crisps, nuts and chocolate bars, of which we are very fond from childhood, are the causes of increased blood pressure and also increase the risk of heart attacks and, of course, obesity.

Foods containing a large amount of salt and oil are supposed to increase weight and they are no good for the person who has already developed high B.P. They will increase the risk of heart attack or stroke if eaten regularly for too long. Crisps and nuts will also increase your weight and if you are careless and continue to delight your taste buds you increase the risk of heart problem, diabetes and even cancer.

Chocolates and sweets – and Indian made SWEETS with an excess of sugar and ghee – and soft drinks like COKE or PEPSI contain large amounts of refined sugar which will not only rot your teeth very quickly, but also make your blood sugar levels rise and, above all, increase your weight.

One bottle of COKE or PEPSI a day taken by a young person will certainly add about three to five kilos of weight in a year unless he or she spends some hours sweating it off. But in most cases children drink far more than that and also avoid exercise.

Most of the chocolates on sale are full of extra calories which are responsible for not only increasing cholesterol levels in the blood, but they also increase artery-clogging fats, leading to a heart attack or stroke.

All those people fond of crisps, nuts and some cereal bars, sweets and fizzy drinks – and of course chocolates- the weight increasing elements- should be alert to avoid the dangers of diabetes, cancer, high B.P and heart attack.

The junk food described is harmful to the body from all sources. Potatoes are very favourite in our food but they serve as the sure agents of obesity. Tasty chips, burgers, buttered menda flour bread or even cream biscuits are all part and parcel of high calorie food, and ice-creams of any type, except sugar free, are weight increasing elements.

Apart from food and drinks sitting idle can surely increase your weight. Persons eating regular food but not doing much movement or any sort of exercise are surely looking for obesity. People working in the office and particularly sitting on chairs for long hours should find some to walk to avoid obesity and other problems.

Lastly, the careless life or the free life with no particular responsibility may lead to obesity.




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