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Bed    Wetting   in Children

The bed-wetting problem with the children is very common throughout the world and it has no barriers of color, race or tribe whatsoever. Some parents from all sectors of life, rich and poor, educated and illiterate, modern and orthodox, black, brown or white- complain about the bed-wetting habits of their children. Sometimes it becomes headache for the parents, especially the mother and she looks for an appropriate remedy for the issue.

Taking a child to the child specialist and to put him on the course of medicines prescribed by him only, will not serve the purpose. Sometimes the situation seems to be under control but once the medicines are not taken, the problem exists as usual.

The parents themselves should come forward to relieve the child from the bad habit, as it is seen by most of the parents. Actually it is not the bad habit of the child, neither is it their doing nor can they control themselves without the help from the parents. Surely it is not their doing. They need some sort of help from the elders of the family especially the mother.

At some events the cases of the grown up children up to the age of ten have been found in the trap of bed wetting habit. That is surely not their fault and they are not to be blamed for it. Perhaps, the only persons to be blamed could be their parents who have ignored or overlooked the issue from the very beginning. The bed wetting of a child upto the age of two to three may not be a serious problem but if the child continues the habit to a further age, it is the humble duty of the either parent to look into the matter rather seriously and take appropriate precautions before it is too late.

Although medical treatment is necessary in the matter, it is not always wise to take the child to the doctor. The problem could easily be sorted out by the experienced elders or the parents themselves who have little knowledge about the cause of bed-wetting. It is mostly the diet of the child and the digestion problem. The atmosphere and the attitudes may be the additional cause.

The children with the constant constipation or the gaseous problems would surely develop the habit of bed-wetting. The intestinal worms are the major cause. The child with the problem of dysentery from the very cradle stage is supposed to do it. The germs Histolytic would surely effect on the subject. The child with the mental weakness is always the victim of bed-wetting. The doctors concerned can very well understand the causes of the mental weakness of the child. The root cause of the mental retardation perhaps is the same as bed-wetting. At most of the events, the particular types of worms in the stomach of the child are responsible.

The parents, who blast their children or shout at them when they do bed-wetting, perhaps are unaware of the negative effects over the unmatured minds of the children. The minds of the children at this particular juncture can’t tolerate the abuse from the parents, as they very well understand that bed-wetting issue is out of their control and they are not to be blamed for that, surely not. Instead they expect sympathy and assistance from their parents at this very juncture instead of shouting at them or blaming them.

No child has ever stopped bed-wetting by shouting at him every time he does it. Nor does he stop doing it by penalizing him in either way. Some illiterate parents even dare to beat the child, which is not a good gesture at any event. In reality, it hurts the tender mind and there are all chances of a child to be mentally weak or even retarded at times. There are all chances of child to be a wayward child and the nuisance to the family and the society as a whole.

The parents concerned should stop shouting, criticizing or abusing the child who has the habit of bed-wetting. The child should never feel insulted and a mother should never use neglated or some low quality cloth under the sleeping child to avoid wetting of the mattress. Nor the mother should sleep at distance from such a child only because of his or her bed-wetting. Such attitudes of the parents create negative image in the mind of the innocent child who thinks he is being ignored for the reasons beyond his understandings or for the cause beyond his control. He is never happy or friendly with such parents. It provokes him to be a naughty child.

No punishment, whatsoever should be given to such a child and he should be immediately cleaned and his clothes changed without showing any ill feeling, grudge or carelessness towards him. He should never feel ignored just because he has done something you don’t like.

Now let us come to the right treatment and the required care to be taken towards the problem of bed-wetting. The most important thing is to adjust the diet of the child to the requirement of his digestive system to avoid constipation, gas, acidity and dysentery. The stools of the child should be checked as and when required at home and in the laboratory to be sure of the worms, and indigestion.

The children with the worms like hookworm or tapeworm should not be allowed an excess of sweets or chocolates. They should be given Karela juice with a little sugar or honey twice a day for about six weeks.

The children with the problem of gas should not be given an excess of potato items or beans and cabbages. They should be given garlic, ginger and hing as and when required to a limited quantity. The limited use of chilly, sour and oily food would save the child from acidic problems.

The constipation could be controlled by giving the child adequate quantity of papaw twice a day. A mother can as well add few drops of caster oil in his milk in the evening hours or he can be given a required dose of milk of magnesia once a day especially after school hours. This should be done as and when required only.

The child with the habit of bed-wetting should not eat heavy meals at night and make sure to give him food at least two hours before sleep. The child should develop the habit of going to urinal before sleep or earlier. Make sure that such a child should not drink water or any fluid within two hours of his sleeping time. If need arises, make sure to awaken the child in the middle of the night and take him to the urinal.

Not only the bed-wetting problems but also even the mental setback of your child will be sorted out to your satisfaction. The digestion system will improve ensuring the good health of the child. He will turn out to be smart, clever, peaceful and lovable child of the type you dreamed. Your little care and awareness will save the child from several set-backs of his life. If need arises, it is advisable to consult your family doctor.

The best and most effective treatment for the bed-wetting of children can be carried out with the help of two tubs big enough to sit the child in upto the waist level. In one tub, cold water is to be filled and the other tub with warm water. The mother should make the child sit in the cold-water tub for about five minutes and then in the warm-water tub for the same time. Repeat the exercise for about twenty minutes per session. This exercise should be repeated at least for ten to fifteen days- twice a day. This will help the controlling nerves to be working normal and this exercise will surely stop the child from the bad habit of bed-wetting.

If the child is grown up, give him the fistful of black tals to chew twice a day. It will serve the purpose.




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